maandag 27 februari 2012

New shawl in Krokus

So what am I working on today? The Sunday I arrived home from Zwolle I couldn't help myself, I just needed to knit with my own Krokus soooo badly.... I didn't unload the car till monday morning but I did crawl through the car searching for the bag with Krokus. Unloading the car would have been easier cause as always it was the last bag I looked in ;) Since I dyed the yarn I have a design stuck in my head, using 2 semi-solids and the mixed version of the 2. My only difficulty that Sunday was which colours to choose. I really like the combo Vamp, Stud and Pretty Baby but those needed to wait for another design. I chose Girl Power (bright pink) with Stormy Clouds (vibrant grey) a classic combo, imho.

The design is a top down triangular shawl with a body in 2 colour Garter Stich to create horizontal stripes

as you can see on the pictures I just started the border by using slip sts to create vertical stripes.

Only a few inch to go and then I can start the knitted on lace border with Wise Girl ;)

- Marleen

zaterdag 25 februari 2012

Colour choises

Time to design some more jewelry, don't you think?
And this time not only as a kit or pattern but also as another book collection. So here's some 100% silk I dyed

And here's a pic of the yarn with the beads I selected

Anything you fancy?
- Marleen

vrijdag 24 februari 2012

Handwerkbeurs Zwolle part 2

We had so much fun in the cottage, thanks to Anja, Tineke and Marianne, whom not only worked very hard but were very pleasant company for 4 days. Thanks ladies!!! Unfortunately for you, I promissed not to show you all pictures taken ;) But I can show you some from the show itself.
Moi talking to Carla and Agnes

My new yarn Krokus (merino/bamboo/silk)

And me wearing my new design Morgenster

And thanks to Tineke who made us diner every night

- Marleen

handwerbeurs Zwolle part 1

Packing the car is always fun

almost done


This year I rented a cottage instead of staying in a hotel..... sooooo much better

Look that's me ;)

And so much more fun

Thanks to Tineke for the pictures of the cottage ;)
- Marleen

zaterdag 11 februari 2012


Lentebloesem in my own hand dyed yarn Krokus, a beautiful blend of Merino/Bamboo/Silk, soon available on the website. ;) This sample is made by my friend Marloes (Loes666 on ravelry) for the handwerkbeurs in Zwolle next week.

Lentebloesem gemaakt in mijn eigen handgeverfde garen Krokus, een hele mooie blend van Merino/Bamboe/Zijde binnekort verkrijgbaar op de website ;) Dit voorbeeld is gemaakt door vriendin Marloes (Loes666 op ravelry) voor de handwerkbeurs in Zwolle volgende week.

- Marleen

vrijdag 10 februari 2012


Remember Mariposa, this shawl was first published in The Knitter Magazine issue 33, the rights reverted back to me a while ago but I had some trouble finding the time to publish it myself. But now it's finally available, just in time for the Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle.

Here you can find the pattern on the website
Below you can download the pattern through Ravelry

Weten jullie het nog? Mariposa is een shawl die voor het eerst gepubliceerd is in The Knitter Magazine nummer 33, de rechtern had ik alweer een tijdjein mijn bezit maar door omstandigheden niet echt de tijd gevonden omhet zelf te publiceren. Maar nu is Mariposa eindelijk verkrijgbaar net op tijd voor de handwerkbeurs in Zwolle :)

Hier kun je het patroon vinden op de website.
Hieronder kun je het patroon downloaden via Ravelry ($7)

Mariposa (butterfly) is a cross between a triangular shawl and a scarf which is perfect for chilly summer evenings. The sides of Garter Stitch gives it some weight while the lace pattern gives it it's drape. To complement the body, every ruffle in the border has one repeat of the butterfly lace pattern. The shawl is worked top down in the Garter Stitch lace pattern with an increasing Garter Stitch border, to get a nice contrast. The border part can be started at any RS row, making this an highly adaptable pattern.

567 yds/520 m in fingering weight. Sample is made in MerinoSilk from EasyKnits.
Needles: US4/3.75 mm circular of length 40 in/100 cm or other size to obtain gauge.

Not really important, though it will effect finished size.

Directions are given for 1 size 171 cm /67.5 inch wide and 42 cm /16.5 in long.

Here you can find the pattern on the website
Below you can download the pattern through Ravelry

Mariposa (vlinder) is perfect voor frisse zomeravonden. De shawl wordt van de hals naar beneden gebreid in een ribbelsteek kantpatroon. Op elk gewenst moment kan aan de goede kant van het werk met de rand begonnen worden, waardoor dit een patroon is dat makkelijk is aan te passen aan de beschikbare hoeveelheid garen.

520 m in fingering gewicht. Voorbeeld is gemaakt in MerinoSilk van EasyKnits.
Naalden: 3.75 mm rondbreinaald met een lengte van 100 cm.

Niet belangrijk, al heeft een ander gewicht garen wel effect op de uiteindelijke grootte.

Beschrijving wordt gegeven in 1 maat: 171 cm breed en 42 cm diep in het midden.

Hier kun je het patroon vinden op de website.
Hieronder kun je het patroon downloaden via Ravelry ($7)

vrijdag 3 februari 2012


It's been quiet here the past 2 months. Once again Real Life came to play and hasn't left yet. For those of you who follow me on twitter, thank you for your compassion and support these few months, you made us feel better ;)
In the beginning of December DH fell at work and broke his elbow, which was painfull and inconvenient for him, but he needed little help and after a week the cast was removed and it healed very well, some physical therapy and it would all be okay.

I actually enjoyed having him around all day but when I told my friend Anne that, I probably jinxed it.
The same day (this was the Thursday befor x-mas) he came down the stairs and missed the last step.... To avoid falling on his elbow he fell a bit stange and broke his knee cap. We spent the rest of the evening at the ER, where they eventually told us that he needed surgery to put all the pieces back together, for now they would put his leg in a cast and we needed to call the next day to schedule the surgery. Off you go.....
So how the h*ll am I suppose to get him home? I asked nicely.... a nurse helped me to get him in the car, which wasn't easy, DH isn't a small man and with his leg in a cast from ankle to groin, moving wasn't easy. But we managed....

We cancelled all our plans for the hollidays and we spend x-mas by watching all Harry Potter movies (8) with the kids. DS read all books and kept informing us of all the stuff that wasn't in the movies ;)

On the last friday of the year DH 's knee was puzzled together and he was allowed to go home the same day, before he had little pain and he could "walk" upstairs to our bedroom, but now his cast wasn't much supportive and he had a lot pain we decided to go camping in the livingroom. The kids love it ;)
In the beginning of January they took again xrays to see how it healed, his knee cap has shifted a bit up. If that makes a difference for using his knee fully they can't tell, we have to wait till after his physical therapy starts. They gave him a new cast for another 5 weeks. Feb 9 they're going to remove the cast and therapy will start. Now it slowly is getting better he can now lift his leg from the bed by himself and doesn't require my help for everything. Which means that when I forget to feed him he can make a sandwich by himself ;)
You can imagine that this didn't left much time for me to work. I was glad that I only had 2 deadline projects for The Knitter and that I didn't had big shows to go to (last 1 of the year was just before he broke his elbow) So I spend a lot of time sitting in a chair next to him knitting on the secret projects and I dyed a lot of yarn...... yes you read that correctly I'm dyeing my own yarn now. Some of you allready saw it at the handwerkbeurs in Rotterdam but that's for another blogpost ;)
Slowly life is returning to normal again and though it will take prob months before DH can walk again we make the best of it...... and he kindly is helping me count supplies for my next show ;)
The kids love having him around all day ;)