maandag 31 januari 2011


Well she's available!!
Pattern is available in English and in Dutch, you can choose which pdf you’d like when downloading.

Patroon is verkrijgbaar in het Engels en in het Nederlands, je kunt kiezen welke pdf je wilt bij het downloaden.

Pattern contains written instructions and charts
Pattern is available in English and Dutch

Buy now for $5.50

Audria is a cute little beret perfect for the spring. You don’t need much yarn to make it so you can use one of those precious expensive skeins of yarn for it. The beret is worked in the round from the hem to the crown. The lace pattern is easy enough for working on it at your knitting group.

Yarn: 175 197, 218, 229, 251 yds/160 180, 200, 210, 230 m fingering weight yarn (this is for the slouchy version, for the normal version it’s about 22-32 yds/ 20-30m less). Sample shown in EasyKnits Alpaca/Silk.
Needles: 1 US 4/3.5 mm circular of length 16 in/40 cm, or double pointed needles.
Stitch markers.

26 sts and 33 rows = 4 in /10 cm in pattern stitch, after light blocking.

Directions are given for 5 sizes with a negative ease of 2 in/5 cm and will fit head circumference:
XS (toddler): 18 in/46 cm.
S (child): 20 in/51 cm.
M: 22 in/56 cm
L: 24 in/ 61 cm.
XL: 26 in/ 66 cm.

Thanks to:
Tech-editor: Joan Beebe (ssknits on Ravelry)
Editor NL: Agnes (DutchWoolDiva)
Fiona (KiwiFi)
Miriel (mirielgw)
Karen (Kaz)
Erika (BugzNBean)
Caitlin (socbaker)
Cheryl (chezzer)
Rita (honeystalks)
Kaela (Taeka)
Lindsey (lindseylou)
Jennifer (jensanders)
Audur (Audurv)
Vikki (froufrou)

Pattern contains written instructions and charts
Pattern is available in English and Dutch

Buy now for $5.50

maandag 17 januari 2011


The past week since we're home has been more busy then usual, of course answering all e-mails from the 2 weeks vacation took the monday morning and a bit of the afternoon. The rest of the day and the Tuesday we're spend on the phone,preparation for the upcoming shows. End of Febuary I'm attending the Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle, beginning of april there will be a new 2-day show in Nieuwegein with only knitting/crochet and spinning and I will be teaching there, this time with workshops planned :) It's very much fun to make a workshop and I'm only in the designing stage for these, cause I wanted to offer 4 brand new workshops. But you can imagine that it takes up lots of time.
My website is another tale without end.... Because I'm now also selling knitting kits I wanted a website which could intergrate my download patterns, yarn, knitting kits and also be bi-langual. I won't bore you with all the details just think of me cursing and throwing things around.... Hopefully I'll get a message from my web designer that I can start listing my products today.
On top of this I have 2 deadlines coming up 1 for Yarn Forward Magazine and 1 for The Knitter, the patterns are almost done writing, but the knitting will be a challenge :) I allready told DH "Next time I submit 5 designs all on 3-3.5mm needles, please shoot me" :) The only thing I find difficult about designing for magazines is that I can't show you anything, so let me introduce you to another design currently in the test knitting and tech-editing fase a lacey beret called Audria
And remember my revenge on DH well that was for this shot (among other things, lol)Next on the list for test knitting/editing will be Aaberknot. So my to-do list for today will be:
  • Writing pattern and charts
  • Making preps for testknitting, if you want to test-knit keep an eye on my twitter (Leen002) or facebook (Marleen van der Vorst) account. I always post there as soon as I post on the Free Pattern Testers Group on Ravelry.
  • And knit, knit, knit.....still need to do 60 rounds almost 15000 sts
Don't think I can manage more today, so I better get to work :)

maandag 10 januari 2011


We're back home.... and the first working day wasn't fun, really need to get back in working mode and perhaps save my docs on my laptop so I can find them.... Searched 30 min to find the beret pattern, still can't find where I put the charts though, but it will be done tomorrow so it can be tested and tech-edited. In the meanwhile, remember the stone I was sitting on when making the pics for the beret? DH told that was the bedt place for a pic: "and it doesn't mather if you get wet" Well I got wet, you can't see it on the pics but I'm only wearing a bikini and a T, so at least I had dry pants in the car. But then I could take revenge, DH wanted some nice pictures of himself and off course I told him that that rock was the best place to take his pic ;)

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vrijdag 7 januari 2011

El Teide

I promised some pics from El Teide, the vulcano of Tenerife. We saw so many lovely and almost un-earth like sceneries. That this was one of the easiest photoshoots cause no mather where you stand the surroundings were beautifull. (except for some very touristy spots) The design is an oldie (2005!!!) I designed several years ago but I still wear it with pleasure. Behind the scene

Me in a lava field



And my personal favorite made by DD1

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woensdag 5 januari 2011

(No) suffering again

And guess what....yes another photoshoot today. I climbed a mountain today... and a rock in the sea.... got wet...again. But apparently if you do that in the warm sunshine of Tenerife you can't call that suffering, lol. Not even if you do it on heels ;) Here I go..... again in the green top, I wasn't really please with the last pictures so a re-try

DH followed

And this is the result

Btw the the first 2 pics were taken by DD1 on my iPhone!! And she does that really good. Next was the Summer Tweed top also a re-try

Here I got wet ;)

No behind the scene pics cause DD1 rather did this ;)

Stay tuned for more suffering ;)
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Promised pictures

So I promised you some nice pictures :) The shawl is made in Rowans Lenpur Linnen, and the pattern will be available in a few weeks, so you can finish it before the summer starts :)

We also did another shoot on the Teide but those pics are for later.... :)
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dinsdag 4 januari 2011

The suffering of a knitwear designer

Today the rented car did get delivered, so of we went to see the Teide, the vulcano (oops almost said Vulcan, lol) of Tenerife. The dream of DS and DD1, not as excited as they thought but the landscapes were beautifull. I did bring some new and old designs to do a photoshoot, we only did 2, but boy what a gorgeous pics DH took IMO. You all are of course wondering why the suffering in the title..... Well the things you do for a nice pic.... This was the rock in the sea I wanted to stand on for the shoot

How to get there on heels, silk trousers and shawl..... As you can see here there was a small strip of gravel and pebbles...

And it was a steep hill of course.... Here you see DD1 who's ready to take the behind the scenes pictures, and in the right corner you see me, struggling on heels ;)

Here I'm still convinced everything will go smooth and proud of myself I did make it that far

Here I choose the wrong rock and got wet...

This pic says it all :)

I'll post the results of the photoshoot tomorrow. There might be some suffering on my part but it was worth it just wait to you see those pics :)
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maandag 3 januari 2011

little photoshoot

This morning we planned to have a car, so we could go and have a nice photoshoot...... But the car renting company had some trouble with broken cars, you think they would inform the hotel but.... nope. We just waited.... and waited. Eventually the hotel called them, hopefully we'll have a car for tomorrow.
The kids are now having a break from their vacation (always difficult if plans don't work out as planned) hopefully they calm down a bit after a play on their Nintendo :)
In the meanwhile DH and I went to see if we could do a littlie photoshoot at the hotel. The first top is made with Rowan Summer Tweed. Originally intended to be a submission, but I liked it more for myself ;)

Close up

The second top is made from Rowan Linnen Lempur, which I really like. It's very soft with a great stitch definition and wonderfull drape and elasticity. This one will also be available as knitting kit as soon as I'm done writing the pattern

One more

Well it's time to get the kids and eat some lunch, before we dive into the pool :)
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zondag 2 januari 2011

Happy new year!!

Some of you who follow me on twitter (I'm also leen002 there) allready know that we're celibrating the new year in Tenerife. We escaped the cold wheather into the everlasting spring of The Canary Islands. After all the snow we weren't sure if our plane would fly as scheduled, but we were assured that it would fly. And so it did.... only 5 hours after schedule.... Ever try that? Waiting for 5 hours with 3 kids? I have to say, they were great, they didn't whine, or got angry. They were allready in holliday mood ;) Here eating breakfast

And here in the departure hall

And boy did it feel strange to go from this

To this

I wish you all a very happy 2011 That all your wishes come true but 1 ;)
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