maandag 10 januari 2011


We're back home.... and the first working day wasn't fun, really need to get back in working mode and perhaps save my docs on my laptop so I can find them.... Searched 30 min to find the beret pattern, still can't find where I put the charts though, but it will be done tomorrow so it can be tested and tech-edited. In the meanwhile, remember the stone I was sitting on when making the pics for the beret? DH told that was the bedt place for a pic: "and it doesn't mather if you get wet" Well I got wet, you can't see it on the pics but I'm only wearing a bikini and a T, so at least I had dry pants in the car. But then I could take revenge, DH wanted some nice pictures of himself and off course I told him that that rock was the best place to take his pic ;)

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Stephan zei

Definitely the best place :)