woensdag 5 januari 2011

(No) suffering again

And guess what....yes another photoshoot today. I climbed a mountain today... and a rock in the sea.... got wet...again. But apparently if you do that in the warm sunshine of Tenerife you can't call that suffering, lol. Not even if you do it on heels ;) Here I go..... again in the green top, I wasn't really please with the last pictures so a re-try

DH followed

And this is the result

Btw the the first 2 pics were taken by DD1 on my iPhone!! And she does that really good. Next was the Summer Tweed top also a re-try

Here I got wet ;)

No behind the scene pics cause DD1 rather did this ;)

Stay tuned for more suffering ;)
- Posted by Marleen from my iPhone

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