zondag 2 januari 2011

Happy new year!!

Some of you who follow me on twitter (I'm also leen002 there) allready know that we're celibrating the new year in Tenerife. We escaped the cold wheather into the everlasting spring of The Canary Islands. After all the snow we weren't sure if our plane would fly as scheduled, but we were assured that it would fly. And so it did.... only 5 hours after schedule.... Ever try that? Waiting for 5 hours with 3 kids? I have to say, they were great, they didn't whine, or got angry. They were allready in holliday mood ;) Here eating breakfast

And here in the departure hall

And boy did it feel strange to go from this

To this

I wish you all a very happy 2011 That all your wishes come true but 1 ;)
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Anoniem zei

Ook voor jou en het gezin: een heel gelukkig 2011!
Dat al je creatieve ontwerpen in patronen en kleuren de hele wereld rondgaan!!
Geniet lekker daar en tot snel!
Liefs, Alet