maandag 3 januari 2011

little photoshoot

This morning we planned to have a car, so we could go and have a nice photoshoot...... But the car renting company had some trouble with broken cars, you think they would inform the hotel but.... nope. We just waited.... and waited. Eventually the hotel called them, hopefully we'll have a car for tomorrow.
The kids are now having a break from their vacation (always difficult if plans don't work out as planned) hopefully they calm down a bit after a play on their Nintendo :)
In the meanwhile DH and I went to see if we could do a littlie photoshoot at the hotel. The first top is made with Rowan Summer Tweed. Originally intended to be a submission, but I liked it more for myself ;)

Close up

The second top is made from Rowan Linnen Lempur, which I really like. It's very soft with a great stitch definition and wonderfull drape and elasticity. This one will also be available as knitting kit as soon as I'm done writing the pattern

One more

Well it's time to get the kids and eat some lunch, before we dive into the pool :)
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