dinsdag 4 januari 2011

The suffering of a knitwear designer

Today the rented car did get delivered, so of we went to see the Teide, the vulcano (oops almost said Vulcan, lol) of Tenerife. The dream of DS and DD1, not as excited as they thought but the landscapes were beautifull. I did bring some new and old designs to do a photoshoot, we only did 2, but boy what a gorgeous pics DH took IMO. You all are of course wondering why the suffering in the title..... Well the things you do for a nice pic.... This was the rock in the sea I wanted to stand on for the shoot

How to get there on heels, silk trousers and shawl..... As you can see here there was a small strip of gravel and pebbles...

And it was a steep hill of course.... Here you see DD1 who's ready to take the behind the scenes pictures, and in the right corner you see me, struggling on heels ;)

Here I'm still convinced everything will go smooth and proud of myself I did make it that far

Here I choose the wrong rock and got wet...

This pic says it all :)

I'll post the results of the photoshoot tomorrow. There might be some suffering on my part but it was worth it just wait to you see those pics :)
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