zondag 29 augustus 2010


This one is curretly being tested and tech-edited, it's made with EasyKnits Bamboo-Merino mix and I really enjoyed knitting with it. I'm glad I ordered lots of it for in my knitting kits ;)
The pattern will be ready for sale in 2 weeks. I only have one problem, I don't know what to call it. Any suggestions? If I'm going to use your suggestion you'll get a free copy ;)

Detail (sorry for the crappy pictures, but it just keeps on raining here)

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zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

my office

almost finished :)
As you can see, I'm halfway, still lots of room for some more beatiful yarns I'm expecting here are some pictures

yarn ;)

room for more yarn

and my newest printer :)

I'm ready ;)
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maandag 23 augustus 2010

I have the best DH ever!

On his free day he came with me to the Ikea, which isn't fun, especially not when it's still summer break. Lot's of people with crying kids :(
And know he putting the Billy's together so I have space to have my stash/patterns and other stuff organized
I have just the best DH there is ;)

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My own office

Today we'll clean out the spare room and I'll be getting a proper work space, yeah! So for you're amusement here are some 'before' pictures. Enjoy, I'm off to the Ikea (honestly are there people who don't buy there?)

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woensdag 18 augustus 2010

Knit Camp Memories

And I'm back home......

Actually I came home sunday evening after a wonderfull week, where I met so many lovely people, laughed so hard I nearly p###d my pants, I teached (yeah, I know), I learned and made friends for live. This week left me with a totally fried brain (thanks to Woolly and Norah, you can blame them for my next designs which will involve cables and lace, fully reversible)

I finally met Jon and Roy in Real Life (guys I miss you allready)

So I'll start at the beginning, I was terrified to travel all by myself and be away for a whole week without DH and the kids, but I knew that when I finally left it would be okay. At the airport I met a very sweet lady who also went to Knit Camp, so we traveled together.

Monday night there was a nice dinner and I met Jo and Doug who were organizing this event (thank you for that), first question Jo asked me was if I could take over a class on Tuesday. I had some doubt but also some wine.....

It was one of those things where everything turned out far better then I anticipated. I loved my students who were a great sport about having me as a teacher for 6 hours (without handout or preparation), and I wasn't the one they signed up for (seriously who can replace her) So I took Carol's advice, to only teach what you know. I know, obviously, but it is a good thing to keep saying it to yourself when you stand in front of a class without any preparation :)

Tuesday evening there was a pub quiz (Go Team Loose Ends!!!!) and we came in third because we didn't think of knitting with the Eifeltower :)

Wednesday morning I followed a class with Wooly Wormhead: Reversable cables and she totally f####ed up my brain, luckaly it was Stitch and Bitch at the union and we just went to drink, knit and chat

Thursday morning I had a class with Joan McGowan from White Lies Designs: Vintage Knitting. She is a great teacher, not to mention very sweet. In the afternoon I had a class with Norah Gaughan: innovative cables (anotherone to blame for a f####ed up brain, lol) so I had no choice to just take the boys and Sarah Jane (shumke, who did a great, great job in trouble shooting this week) to the pub only to find Carol and Wooly there too.

My Fridaymorning class was supposed to be designing the next greenjeans... by Amy Singer. but she didn't make it to Stirling, so instead we had Zoey (is that the correct way to write your name, please drop a line) Editor from Yarn Forward and Crochet Inside, let's just say that it was very interesting :)

Friday afternoon was the most fun class, cause Jon taught me how to do a toe-up sock :)By now I was really having a need for some proper food instead of the stuff they served at Haldane's (university food, need I tell you more...) So Pappa Joes it was pizza with champagne....you got to love that :)

Because Joan had to teach on Saterday (re-scheduled from Tuesday) I volunteerd to work her booth for her, and I had a great time, watching all those people come by, and probably the only day I got time to do some knitting on my own project. We were all too tired to go anywhere else so we just had dinner at the bar, what turned out to be the most fun evening when we tried to explain the bartender how many knitting goeroes were sitting in his bar :)

My taxi didn't come to pick me up before 1 the next day, so I had time to have some tea with Joan before I left for home. And now.... I'm back for 2 days and I have a hard time to keep up with my sketches, my pencil just doesn't move as fast as I want it to. Lots of ideas, now I only need my brain to function again........

Some pictures
Surroundings of the University

Jo and Jon at the EZ dinner

The booth from Easyknits, see what is in the corner :)
Joan at her vintage knitting class
Pizza, champagne and good company
Me, enjoying myself sitting in the booth of Joan

The best sign I saw at the market

zondag 8 augustus 2010


All packed for knit camp :) Feeling very nervous, but all will be well when I'm on the road. I bought some new boots for walking, I'll be needing them :)

Helemaal klaar voor knit camp :) Ben wel erg zenuwachtig maar dat gaat wel over als ik in het vliegtuig zit. Nog speciaal wandelschoenen gekocht, die zal ik nodig hebben daar

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dinsdag 3 augustus 2010

Counting the days/Het aftellen is begonnen

Only 6 days to go and I'll be in Stirling, Scotland...Knit Camp :) It will be strange, a full week without DH and the kids, with only knitting, fiber and finally meeting some peeps in Real Life.
And best of all (for me at least) I'm not going to work/teach but only for 'fun'
Jo and her team did a wonderful job organizing it all, and managed to get a lot of great teachers from all over the world. You can imagine that it was difficult to choose from all those classes, but I managed :)

The last few weeks I've been busy organizing for this week, but the kids and DH are taken care off, I bought a new laptop to take with me, found a solution for the internet connection so I can keep you all updated and now it's time to prepare for the classes.

Nog 6 dagen te gaan en dan zit ik in Stirling, Schotland....Knit Camp :) Dat zal vreemd zijn zo'n hele week zonder lief en kinders, met alleen maar breien, garens en eindelijk mensen in het echt zien. Maar het allerbeste (voor mij dan) is dat ik niet ga om les te geven maar alleen voor de 'fun' Jo en haar team hebben een geweldig evenement georganiseerd met mensen van over de hele wereld. Je snapt wel dat het erg moeilijk was om te kiezen uit zoveel leuke workshops, maar het is me uiteindelijk wel gelukt :)
De afgelopen weken ben ik druk bezig geweest om alles voor thuis te regelen, maar voor lief en de kinders word gezorgt, ik heb een nieuwe laptop gekocht om mee te nemen, vond een oplossing voor de internet connectie zodat ikjullie allemaal up todate kan houden en nu is het tijd om me te gaan voorbereiden op mijn workshops