maandag 13 december 2010

old school

You can call me old fashioned, but when grading a pattern I still don't use Excel, there is just something about using just pencil, paper and a calculator that I find pleasant. It makes me calm...... It isn't fast but I like to write those numbers down, don't get me wrong I do have a spread sheet I just hate using it for grading :) here are some pictures

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7 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

You make me smile in my heart, Dutch girl!

Anoniem zei

potlood..........en een lekkere gum dr bij!
blijft gewoon lekker.......ik schrijf ook het nodige terwijl tekstverwerken toch ook een optie is.

Tineke zei

eh, dat was ik..

Anoniem zei

You smarty pants!

That's how I do my grading too. Too much of a learning curve on the computer; pencil and paper works just fine. Old School indeed!

SSK* zei

It's still the best way! : )

Marleen zei

See i know I wasn't alone :)

Iris zei

I think both methods are too hard for me. Being a Dutch girl is not enough... Probably you are a good mathematician (got help from someone called Du Long?). I 'do my thing' with seedbeads. Nice as well, isn't it? Iris.