maandag 2 november 2009

Lilacs in Spring

Lilacs in Spring is now available.
It's the fourth pattern release from The Lace Collection

A collection of 6 beautifull lace knitting patterns. Now available as pre-order!
The Lace Collection includes the following designs:

Extravaganza: released
Peace, Lace and Love: released
Haze: released
Lilacs in Spring, released
On the Bias, releasedate November 9 2009
Autumn Leaves, releasedate November 16 2009
The Lace Collection, releasedate November 16 2009

The Lace collection is available in print with pdf or as pdf only. If you pre-order the Lace collection you'll get a discount.When you pre-order, you will get an e-mail containing the download link for the released patterns every time a new pattern is released. On November 16 2009, you will get the download link for the Complete Lace Collection and if you ordered the printed version, that will be send.

The Lace Collection (printed+pdf+$5 shipping worldwide)
From October 12 to November 16 2009 for $24
After November 16 2009 for $29

The Lace Collection (pdf only)
From October 12 to November 16 2009 for $16
After November 2009 for $18

Want to pre-order? The links below will bring you to the web page with more info and buy now buttons
The Lace Collection Printed with PDF
The Lace Collection PDF only

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