zondag 21 februari 2010


I went on vacation and brought with me:
  • lots of books
  • knitting :)
  • 3 kids
  • and a husband
  • first season of Dexter......

We had a great time in here in France :) Now it's time to get back to work again,so I'msitting in my chair on a Sunday morning, editing patterns, printing them and getting them ready to ship. Only 5 days before the craft fair in Zwolle.....to be there is icing on the cake :) Designing is for the most part a very solitary job, don't get me wrong I like that part :) but meeting all those friends you only see on Ravelry is so much fun....can't wait....:)

2 opmerkingen:


batterijtjes helemaal opgeladen! fijn!!!

SSK* zei

I have been wondering why I haven't heard from you!

I am going to Florida on Thursday and I know exactly what knitting I am taking -- woo hoo!