zaterdag 26 januari 2013

And the winner an important message for outside EU customers

Anne!!!! The shawl will be called Clarion :))))
As soon as the pattern is published I'll send you the download link.

Anne!!!! De shawl gaat Clarion heten :)))
Zodra het patroon gepubliceert is mail ik je de download link.

And now for something completely different.....
shipping costs.... you know..... the $$$ added to your total amount, sometimes even higher then what you've ordered.... :((( I ship everything with the Dutch TNT and they adjusted their prices as always on Januari 1. They lowered the prices for envelopes but the prices for the boxes stayed the same. I did some calculations, so here is a very important note to my outside EU customers, sorry for the bold,but I feel like shouting :))):

I can pack up to 200grams of yarn into an envelope. Skeins are shipped untwisted in a plastic sleeve to protect them from liquids and dirt during shipping. If you want to order more then that, try buying in batches of 200gr it will save you a lot of shipping cost. Unfortunatly I can't change the way my cart is calculating shipping. ;(
For example: 4 skeins of krokus bought in one
buy you'll pay 24.30 euro shipping, bought in 2 buys you'll pay 5.50x2=11
euro!!! saving 13.30 euro on shipping.

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Anne zei

Yeahhh finally won a contest!!! Never happend before!!!

Engjelushe zei

Hij is prachtig!!!