zondag 17 oktober 2010

first part handwerkbeurs Rotterdam

Well it all started with a lot of stress..... I ordered some metal shelves to present the yarn and knitting kits and they weren't delivered the day before we had to go and set up...... a lot of phonecalls and e-mails later they promised it would be delivered at 8 of the morning of the set up day.... and pffff they did, unfortunatly it did cost me a night of sleep
One other thing that was that due to personal stuff my friend and sample knitter Anne couldn't make it for all 4 days, we both had looked very much forward to do this together, well at least this show we'll have 1 day :)

Everything fitted perfect in the car and because I had some place left in front DD1 could come along

She worked very hard to make the stand look great and so did Alet and Marian

A very big suprise was it when these to came to visit us

bringing us these tickets

These women are the gymnastic trainer from DD1 and when they heard I brought her with me they picked her up so she and I could spend some time watching the gymnastic teams practice for the World Championships. They offered also to watch DD1 while I set up the booth. Ladies a very big thank you!!
Take a look at her

Finally we left at 9 were om at 11 and we're both very tired but the booth looked great

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2 opmerkingen:

Elske zei

Inderdaad: je booth looked great !!!!!!
Je wolletjes, patronen, voorbeelden en jijzelf trouwens ook.

MorganMagic zei

wat lief van die meiden! je dochter glundert, fijn om zo wat quality mama-time te hebben ook en wat een mooie verrassing!
je werk ziet er super uit!