zondag 10 oktober 2010

I Knit Weekender

Time for some pictures I promised of my London weekend :) We had fun, not enough sleep and my Twitter account decided to stop working from the moment I arrived in London :( I arrived in London Thursday evening and Jon picked me up at the airport, from there to his place, dropped my bag off, loaded the truck with all the stuff and off we went to set up for the show. Here's Jon posing

back at his place we chatted way too long (and drunk way too much wine) at a very very late souper

The next morning we needed to get up very early to be on time needing a few more hours to make the booth look great, and it did :)

Friday eveving we went out for dinner with friends and we had so much fun, it turns out I speak better English then my friends speak Dutch but I still don't know what the Irish waiter said :)
Saterday was a lot bussier, and we were totally wasted when we got back home at Jon's place.
Sunday Jon and Mr EasyKnits took me to Greenwich parc sight seeing. What a beautiful parc wish we would have something like that here

followed by a nice meal, we had a perfect Sunday....
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