dinsdag 22 maart 2011

Caleidescope vest

I just received my complementary issue off Knit Magazine (formerly known as Yarn Forward) with my Design Caleidescope Vest in it :) This was a project I wanted to make for a long time. Well to be honest who doesn't want to knit with Noro Silk Garden Sock. You just keep on knitting wondering what color will be next. The version in Knit is worked with 2 different colors (S258 and S304) alternating between them every other row to get a shorter color repeat. However I also like the long color repeat so I did make one for myself using only 1 color. Though I still need to put the buttons into place.
This was also the design I had the most worries over, not the project itself but whether or not it would arrived in the UK. Note that I didn't mention in the UK on time..... That is something I allready gave up on, postal services are just to unpredictable and rarely do what you pay them for. I send this design on December 12th 2010 and it finally arrived on Jan 25th 2011.....
Well.... I'm just glad it made it on time for the photoshoot ;) Now they only need to spell my name correctly ;)

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4 opmerkingen:

Elske zei

Gefeliciteerd met je publicatie!
Wat een geweldig vest,daar word je vrolijk van.
Gaat het patroon a.s.weekend ook te koop zijn??
We hebben er weer zin in!

MorganMagic zei


Marleen zei

Dank jullie wel :)
Als ik nog tijd heb om het te vertalen dan is ie in het nederlands te verkrijgen in Nieuwegein :)

Anoniem zei

Wat een gaaf zomers vestje !! Echt heel mooi. Had je nog testknitters nodig ;-) groetjes Marloes