maandag 5 maart 2012

Bitchy Yarn

Can I just say what a delight it is to be blogging about designs again and show you pictures..... I've been missing that a lot!

So back to my new shawl design.... Remeber what I was planning? I wanted to do a sideways knitted-on border in the mix colour Wise Girl

Well.... there's nothing so annoying then a yarn bitching at you that she didn't want to be a +#%^**# sideways border. After about 10 inches in I gave in.... she was right....
At least she had the decency to 'demand' what she wanted to be. So that will be next ;)

This left me with a bit of a problem..... what kind of border did this shawl need?

I decided to try out a fairly simple ruffled edge and I'm glad to say that the shawl agrees ;)

- Marleen

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ziet er goed uit... ik heb je gehuldigd in mijn blog!! groetjes miekedspi

Marleen zei

Dank je Mieke :)