woensdag 26 augustus 2009

Looking for a good name / Goede naam gezocht

I've picked a winner! Thanks for your creativity!!!

I'm still searching for a good name for this scarf. Who knows one? If I'll pick your name, you'll get a free copy of The Lace Collection when it's available. Just leave a comment or send me an e-mail at name AT DutchKnittingDesign DOT com

Deze sjaal heeft nog een naam nodig. Wie weet een leuke? Als ik jouw naam kies, krijg je een gratis exemplaar van The Lace Collection als die uitkomt. Laat een berichtje hier onder achter of stuur een mailtje naar name AT DutchKnittingDesign DOT com

53 opmerkingen:


'happy hippie' :p

patricia zei



'Pipi Langkous' / 'Pipi Longstocking'

haha, ik zou me wel amuseren met namen zoeken, maar bruikbaar is wat anders natuurlijk ;-)

Anoniem zei

Dat is best wel moeilijk een naam verzinnen.
Color Ribbel

gr. Imre

Eline Oftedal zei

The camelon scarf, og what about lacy rainbow..

anyway - it's a beautiful scarf!


Knitschmidt zei

with the bright colors and ruffle it makes me think of a dance. How about "Cha-Cha"

ChristinaMae zei

I would name it 'femme' or 'flirt' - probably 'flirt'. I love the 'happy hippie' suggestion as well.

Very pretty scarf!

TAC zei

1. Prism Hues

2. Spectrum Scarf

3. Rainbow Ribbon

4. Peace, Lace and Love

It is very pretty nice work!

organicstills zei

Super cute! The first thing that came to mind was Havana (as in Cuba), and Marley (as in Bob). Good luck with the book!

Sandra zei

Hi "Citrus Wave" seems right

Anoniem zei

How about Fiesta Flair?

Wendy zei

The colours remind me of Reggae, so I'm going to suggest 'Reggae Ruffles'

Jinny zei

Glorious (as a name)

kim zei


spillyjane zei

How about "Abalone?"

Cat zei

How about Quetzalcoatl, after the rainbow feathered Mesoamerican god? It was the first thing that came to mind.


I love all the color very Central/South Amrerican Flair.

How about

Carnaval (carnival in spanish)
Picante (spicy in Spanish)
Caliente (hot in Spanish)

Kelly zei

Summer Winds

Marleen zei

Keep them coming!!! You guys rock!!
I'd love to hear also why you think the name you suggest is a great name...:-)

Brandy zei


Tami zei

First thought that came to my mind was: Carnival

very pretty and bright colors!

pmrol zei

fiesty flamenco.

the fabulous colours combining with sexy ruffles bring to mind the passions of flamenco with a punch.


cloudnyn zei

calypso breeze

Mags zei

Ruffled rainbow scarf!

Angylisis zei

I do like the name Avila which is an ancient Germanic name that is generally accepted as meaning "desired", which is what the picture of the woman wearing it seemed to convey.

Simply beautiful by the way, just lovely.


Diana zei

I dont know if you'll go for it, but what about Sea Lefluer, it kinda reminds me of a sea anemone and I always used to think they were flowers in the water.

RoamingKnitter zei

1. Mardi Gras
2. Fiesta
3. Aztec

Susan Knight zei


Because the pretty colors remind me of flowers in the Spring.

Darcy's Knotty Knitter zei

I would name it Mystical Meadow.Hugs Darcy

ikkinlala zei


Diana zei


are my suggestions

Terri D. zei


Isis zei

My suggestion would be "Samba." It reminds me of watching samba contests. Lots of color and movement.

Alisha zei


An absolutely beautiful piece of work.

Anne zei


InJuneau zei

(Summer) Salsa Scarf, because it reminds me of Salsa dancers and also of summer fruit salsas (like mango and pineapple and peach). You do beautiful work (and if I could just remember back to the Dutch I knew at 2 years old, I'd tell you that in Dutch too!).

Pelagia zei

Your scarf reminded me of the famous children's book author Eric Carle and his wonderful world of colours... so in honour of him I would suggest either Mixed-up Chameleon -scarf or Very Hungry Caterpillar -scarf.

Gwynne Lassiter zei

"Maori" is the name I chose. It looks ethnic and reminds me of the native tribes of Austrailia.


Anoniem zei

How about "Pretty Catepillar"? It sort of reminds me of a ceterpillar, but totally in a good way. :)

Little Miss S. zei

What about Rainbow Snake? Or Rainbow Rattle Snake... It looks like a snake somehow, really gorgeous...

Anoniem zei

lace ruff

Kristen zei


Turtle zei

very nice scarf! what about rainbow ruffles or exotic fruit ribbon

TripletMom zei

1 - rainbow frill
2 - prism ruffle
3 - Happiness - because the colors make you happy

brownbear zei

How about Ruffle Ridge, Ruffle Ripple, or Rainbow Connection?

MoniqueB. zei

Marleen, hij gaat lekker!

Ik zie er al een paar mooie namen tussen hoor!

Marleen, you're doing great.
I've seen some pretty wonderfull names for this one.


Flora zei

How about "Reef"? I immediately think of the amazing colours and shapes one can see in a coral reef and maybe the name is also a playful reference to the rather rasta style of the scarf. (I imagine "Reefer" as a name is perhaps a little too much for most people!).

Breien in Lansingerland zei

Almost reflecting the Rainbow

Anoniem zei

I suggest 'rainbow ripple'.

Why I think it's a good name colour wise is obvious as the scarf is every colour of the rainbow. The lovely flouncy bits make a ripple.

There Rainbow ripple - obvious


Liz + Louka zei

I like Calypso, because it's summery and colourful and the ripple makes it dancey.

Joan zei

I would call it "Zarzuela" because of its happy colors and the ruffles!

LaDonna zei


Debbie zei

How about spilled KoolAid or summer popsicles
I must be hungry! LOL Debbie