zaterdag 5 december 2009


And before you know it, it's already december and I haven't blogged in's not that I didn't had anything to say :) just short for time, as, and I've been so busy I forgot the drawing for December 1th. Shame on me.....:)
I thought some of you might like a free copy of On the Bias :) So here are the names that came up:
  1. Kim
  2. Susan
  3. Ann

The pdf file is send to your e-mail accounts. Happy Knitting!! Oh and I promise I'll update my blog more often :)

2 opmerkingen:

Susan zei

I got mine!!!! Thank you, can't believe I won something.........hooraaahhhh. It looks just lovely. Now just to find the time and the yarn to get started hehehehe

Kim R. zei

I received my beautiful pattern!!
Thanks so much :)