maandag 26 juli 2010

#2 One Skein Noro Projects

And here's #2 One Skein Noro Projects!

#2 One Skein Noro Projects will get you 3 patterns at a discount price. Seperate the 3 patterns will cost $15 now together for $11.

#2 contains the following patterns:
* Malta
* Nacoya
* Wave

For more info on the patterns please look at the pattern pages. Upon receipt of payment, you will receive a link to download the 3 patterns as individual PDF files. If you have already bought some or all of these patterns before August 1, 2010, and want to take advantage of the discount, simply send me an email with the subject "#2 One Skein Noro Projects" and attach your receipts. I'll reply back with an invoice and provide you a link to download the patterns.

Patterns are available in English and Dutch, you can choose which pdf you’d like when downloading.

Patronen zijn verkrijgbaar in het Engels en Nederlands, je kunt kiezen welke pdf je wilt bij het downloaden.

#2 One Skein Noro Projects $11

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